Cities are an embodiment of the collective experience of the people who lives in it. There is an individual personality and a larger societal ideology that marks the character of our surroundings. In this mesh of modern jungle, individuals are the smallest units that make up the large structure. Bourdieu was very much aware of this distinction and realised the difference between the realities that exist inside and outside an individual, yet they had to be in relation as they formed the two dimensions of the larger societal experience.

Urban Semiotics is an attempt to convey how the self interacts with the city. This brings with it various struggles and conflicts and how this tug of war results in this urban structure we live in. It is even reflected in its architecture, in its music and the art the city produces: its cultural development. Through the years, the perception of our cities forms and reforms into a narrative construct that eventually becomes an underlying entity only to be experienced through its culture. Allowing our cities to develop this anthropomorphic quality to it.




Pan Wei

Pietro Ballero

Halid Chrisinas - Elaggan


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